Stepfather - 2009

Lemme start off by saying, I have never seen the original Stepfather in the 80's. I am approaching this movie as if it wasn't a remake because frankly, until I looked up the movie poster for this blog, I thought it -was- an original idea. Despite the fact that every time I looked at the main villain I saw Sean McNamara from Nip/Tuck (and then proceeded to wonder if he was the one who had given all the female characters of the cast nose jobs..), Dylan Wash did an excellent job.

The basic premise of the movie is boy meets girl. Girl falls in love. Boy hacks family apart. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Despite the younger siblings having basically nonexistent roles in the movie, the rest of the supporting cast upholds their end of the bargain convincingly. There are no real twists or turns to this plot, so don't expect some off the wall secret to come spilling out at a climatic end that reveals that the whole family are really werewolves. The musical score isn't really there, but in a hack 'n slash "hand that rocks the cradle" like this one, you don't really need it. While you may find yourself wondering how blitheringly-blind the mother can be, there are enough moments to make you go "ooh, yeah, smart move! fight back!" as the family doesn't just roll over like the typical victims. Not a whole lot of gore, but enough violence to keep you interested. Plot and victim order leaves something to be desired, but not enough that you wonder why the hell you just watched that piece of crap afterwards.

This thriller might not make you want to watch it every week for months on end, but you won't mind watching it again a few days later to show your friends. Overall opinion? Rent it, don't buy it. You'll probably watch it when you flip by it on T.V. but I don't see anyone listing this in their top 50 thrillers of all time. 7 out of 10. Still better than some of the tripe they're pumping out now days. And I gave it an extra quarter of a point for not having Paris Hilton in it.


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